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shine n : the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light [syn: radiance, radiancy, effulgence, refulgence, refulgency]


1 be bright by reflecting or casting light; "Drive carefully--the wet road reflects" [syn: reflect]
2 emit light; be bright, as of the sun or a light; "The sun shone bright that day"; "The fire beamed on their faces" [syn: beam]
3 be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening" [syn: glitter, glisten, glint, gleam]
4 be distinguished or eminent; "His talent shines"
5 be clear and obvious; "A shining example"
6 especially of the complexion: show a strong bright color, such as red or pink; "Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna" [syn: glow, beam, radiate]
7 throw or flash the light of (a lamp, etc.); "Shine the light on that window, please"
8 touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly; "Light fell on her face"; "The sun shone on the fields"; "The light struck the golden necklace"; "A strange sound struck my ears" [syn: fall, strike]
9 experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion; "She was beaming with joy"; "Her face radiated with happiness" [syn: glow, beam, radiate]
10 (of surfaces) make shine; "shine the silver, please"; "polish my shoes" [syn: polish, smooth, smoothen] [also: shone]

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scīnan, from Germanic. Cognate with Dutch schijnen, German scheinen, Swedish skina.


  • /ʃaɪn/, /SaIn/


  1. To emit light.
  2. To reflect light.
  3. To distinguish oneself; to excel.
  4. To be immediately apparent.
  5. To polish (something).
  6. In the context of "transitive|cricket": To polish a cricket ball using saliva and one’s clothing.
  7. To create light with a flashlight, lamp, torch, etc.

Coordinate terms


to emit light
to reflect light
to distinguish oneself
to be immediately apparent
  • Dutch: voor de hand liggen
  • Finnish: paistaa silmään
  • Portuguese: sobressair
  • Swedish: lysa i ögonen
to polish
cricket: to polish a cricket ball
ergative: to create light with a flashlight, lamp, torch, etc.
  • Japanese: 照らす


  1. Brightness from a source of light.
  2. Brightness from reflected light.
  3. Excellence in quality or appearance.
  4. Shoeshine.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. Moonshine.
  7. The amount of shininess on a cricket ball, or on each side of the ball.

Derived terms


brightness from a source of light
  • Danish: skin
  • Dutch: schijn, straling
  • Finnish: loiste, paiste, hohde, kirkkaus
  • French: éclat
  • German: Schein
  • Japanese: 輝き, 光
  • Kurdish:
  • Portuguese: brilho
  • Russian: свет, сияние
  • Swedish: sken
  • Telugu: ప్రకాశము (prakaaSamu)
brightness from reflected light
  • Danish: glans ,
  • Dutch: glans
  • Finnish: valo, hohde, loiste
  • German: Glanz
  • Japanese: 輝き
  • Kurdish:
  • Portuguese: brilho
  • Russian: блеск, сияние
  • Swedish: blankhet, glans
  • Telugu: మెరుపు (merupu)
excellence in quality or appearance
  • Danish: brillans
  • Dutch: uitmuntendheid, bravoure
  • Finnish: erinomaisuus, ylivoimaisuus, loistokkuus
  • German: Brillanz, Glanz, Bravour
  • Japanese: 卓越
  • Portuguese: esplendor
  • Russian: блеск
  • Swedish: finish, polish
slang: moonshine
cricket: the amount of shininess on a cricket ball




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Amor, Christian love, Eros, Platonic love, admiration, adoration, affection, afterglow, agape, air glow, antic, ardency, ardor, array, attachment, bathtub gin, be born for, be bright, be master of, be somebody, be something, beacon, beam, bedazzle, beggar description, blaze, blind, bloom, bodily love, bootleg liquor, brighten, brighten up, brightness, broad day, brotherly love, brush, brush up, buff, burn, burnish, candescence, caper, caritas, charity, conjugal love, coruscate, cut a dash, cut a figure, cut a swath, dawn, day, day glow, daylight, dayshine, daytide, daytime, daze, dazzle, desire, devotion, diffuse light, dress, dusk, excel, faithful love, fancy, fanfare, fervor, figure, finish, fix, flame, flare, flash, flicker, flourish, flush, fondness, free love, free-lovism, freshen, frolic, fulgurate, full sun, furbish, furbish up, give light, glance, glare, glaze, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten, glitter, gloss, glow, green flash, heart, hero worship, home brew, hooch, idolatry, idolism, idolization, incandesce, incandescence, knock dead, lark, lasciviousness, libido, light of day, like, liking, live, love, lovemaking, luminesce, luster, make a figure, make a show, make a splash, married love, midday sun, monkeyshine, moonshine, mountain dew, noonlight, noontide light, outshine, panoply, parade, passion, patina, physical love, polish, polish up, pomp, popular regard, popularity, radiance, radiate, ray of sunshine, regard, renovate, repair, retouch, revive, rub, rub down, rub up, sand, sandblast, sandpaper, scintillate, scour, send out rays, sentiment, sex, sexual love, sheen, shenanigan, shimmer, shine brightly, shine in, shininess, shining light, shoot, shoot out rays, show, skylight, sleek, slick, slick down, smooth, sparkle, spellbind, spiritual love, splash, splurge, spruce, spruce up, stand out, sun spark, sunbeam, sunbreak, sunburst, sunlight, sunset glow, sunshine, surpass, tender feeling, tender passion, tomfoolery, tone up, touch up, trick, truelove, twilight, twinkle, uxoriousness, vamp, vamp up, varnish, wax, weakness, white lightning, white mule, worship, yearning
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